Why are there Stink Bugs in the House?

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Do you ever wonder why stink Bugs get in your house?

Stink bugs, like most other insects, are vegetarians. They prefer to chow down on plants and fruit crops rather than hunt other insects.  There are rare instances though that Stink Bugs where observed to feed on other insects, but it is not the reason why they enter our houses.  Stink bugs in the house is not about food.

There are two main reasons why Stink Bugs enter your homes.

First it their biological hibernation clock. When the winter season comes knocking on the door, Stink Bugs have an automatic built in hibernation clock that automatically switches on. This forces the insects to find a place to stay and hibernate until the winter season is over.

Well, guess what, human houses are one of their favorite hotel rooms. Our homes are perfect for this little buggers. With countless cracks and little holes everywhere, there are lots of places for this insects to hide and sleep. The human house is warm and safe and this qualities make it irresistible options for stink bugs. Places like antiques, where less attention is centered around in a daily basis, is just one huge space where stink bugs can lurk beneath the shadows. This is the prime reason why stink bugs get into human homes. They want to stick there thin bodies into cracks inside our houses and spend some long months of rest until the cold winter is over.

The second reason why they get inside our houses is there bizarre natural attraction to light. Stink bugs usually fly around light posts and lamps. I am not sure why they are attracted to light but like other insects as well, Stink Bugs are just hypnotized into this human technology. An open light in your porch for example serves as a huge magnet for stink bugs at night time.

You might have already observed this one before: an armada of insects flying around your light at night – stink bugs are part of this group. This attraction to light unintentionally leads them within the perimeter of our homes. The light are leading the insects inside our homes like beacons leading ships into the dockyard.

There is a third reason actually but this might sound true and absurd. Stink Bugs are flying creatures. There pair of wings make them perfect travelers.

In fact, Stink Bugs are alien insects to the United States. Normally a native in Asia particularly Japan, they made there way into US soil by Hitch Hiking on ships. Not that they flew to the US though but there wing make them perfect in getting from one place to another. They might have just landed into your house after some time of flying or have landed into your house coming from a nearby house. The thing is, these creatures are good flyer’s. If they came to US from Japan they can surely come into our houses with ease.

So those were the reasons why Stink Bugs get inside our houses. Next time you see a Stink Bug in your house you wont be in for a shock because you know for a fact why. Knowing these things will also help you battle this insects coming inside your house. Their natural attraction to light for example can become one of your greatest defense and the insects greatest weakness. A Light trap is one good way of exploiting this natural behavior. Thus having this knowledge will prove vital in preventing stink bug presence inside our homes.

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